Room Hire

Our main room can be set as a circle of chairs or in rows and we have 10 folding tables and 8 floor mats available. Storage is available for hirers. A large monitor and flip chart are available.

Availability is now limited to daytime hire and possibly Thursday and Sunday evening.

Our small room is set as 7 chairs and a table.

The room is available for much of the week.


our upstairs room

We have two rooms to hire.

The large room holds up to 30 people easily and costs £15 an hour to hire. It currently hosts several small religions, several anonymous groups and a project for the homeless and vulnerable, among others.

The small room holds up to 7 people and costs between £7 and £10 an hour to hire. It currently hosts counsellors among others. Note that sinngle day hire may be considerably more than the quoted rates.

We have an upstairs room set as 14 chairs around a large table.