Open House Project

The Open House Project runs every Saturday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm for guests. It offers a full cooked meal, sandwiches and drinks to about 40 homeless and vulnerable people.

We offer sleeping bags, toiletries and warm clothing as appropriate.

The project was started by a Quaker in 2008, and is our main outreach project. The volunteers come from all walks of life, with several Quakers in the organisation. 

The project shows compassion from a large number of individuals and groups. Several churches help us and several schools. I recently led an assembly at one of the schools, and I realised that for every person we support there are probably 20 people doing something to help out, either through the donation of foods and goods, or financial. Across all organisations in Medway that support the homeless and vulnerable that represents a huge community effort.

Use the contact page if you would like to know more.