About Quakers

Quakers are a religious organisation which started in the 1650's, just after the English Civil War. Radical in its time, the early Quakers read the Bible with fresh eyes and interpreted it very differently from any group before or since.

Based on silent worship, Quakers do not see the need for an intermediary between God and people. There are no priests or ministers. We have no specific beliefs but see God (or whatever word you want to use) as being in each one of us. We seek that inner light.

Quakerism is rooted in Christianity, but Quakers are wayfarers, and journey on different spiritual paths. There are now Quakers who might call themselves non-theist, agnostic, pagan, or who continue to see themselves as Christian or of other religions.

We do have many things in common, however. We have strong principles and the values of equality, peace, integrity, love and sustainability/simplicity are very important to us.

Being a Quaker is an action, a way of life based on these principles, and our actions range between being content with silent worship, to the compulsion towards activism to support these principles.

The structure of the Religious Society of Friends, our full title, is unique and is very little changed since the 17th Century. A willingness to sit in a circle and seek the 'Spirit of God' within is the one thing that holds the community.

Anyone is welcome to attend a Meeting for Worship.

Here are some links that you may find useful:

Discovering Quakers is an excellent website for more information

Living our beliefs is an excellent book by young Quakers. It is better in book form and we hope to keep copies to give to new people.

No, we have nothing to do with oats! Here are some fun facts and myths that you may have heard about us! 

The kindlers


Listen to this great podcast from the RE Podcast series on Quakerism. In this episode, host Louisa Jane Smith, interviews Mathew Guest, from Durham University about Equality, Peace, Simplicity and Truth, and the importance of action for Quakers. (Press cancel when the Spotify link comes up)